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An exquisite dinner and exciting theatrical entertainment, during which the guests will become part of an unexpected event.

Latvia is known as a place where excellent art and excellent food are both appreciated. That is why our capital has been chosen as the place where the latest artwork by sculptor Hermes Mansu will be premiered. This notoriously famous artist is known all around the world for his provocative artworks and unusual performances. His unique style – carefully hidden identity, which has not been revealed to date, notwithstanding the fact that his work has been displayed in the biggest art galleries in the world.

This time the premiere of the artwork will take place during "The Criminal Dinner". The artist has expressed a wish that the quests would be enjoying high-quality cuisine at the moment of the premiere. "Art experience happens when all the human senses are overtaken – including taste," is stated in the announcement distributed by the artist. Therefore, for the culinary delights, the well-know chef from Helsinki Michelin Star restaurant Jouni Toivanen is invited to join the special dinner.

During "The Criminal Dinner" the best of culinary and art worlds will be offered for the enjoyment in an exquisite ambience. Just take into account that Hermes Mansu’s work premieres are known for their unexpected turns of events. Especially, as the artist has chosen the word "criminal" to be included in the title. Maybe it is wise to pay attention to who really is sitting next to you at the table...

"The Criminal Dinner" will take place in Mūsdienu Kultūras Centrā "Sapņu Fabrika".


For Theatre Gourmets


Directed by: Regnārs Vaivars
One of the brightest Latvian theatre directors, who is also known as an actor, performance artist and a DJ. Graduated from the Acting-directing section of the Latvian Academy of Culture in 1997. Staged plays in Nacionālais, Dailes, Liepājas and Jaunais Rīgas theatres. Also staged an experimental opera „Stokholmas sindroms” (2001). For production “Drakula. Dēmoni” (2007) received the annual prize in culture from the newspaper “Diena”, and for directing the performance “Kam no Vilka kundzes bail?” received “Spēlmaņu nakts” prize as the Best Annual Dramatic Performance in the season of 2003/2004.


Scriptwriter: Diana Leesalu (Tallinn City Theater)
Graduated from the Estonian Drama School as a prized student of Elmo Nüganen, one of Estonia's foremost directors, in 2012. Since then (and already during her time as a student), she has directed seven plays at the renowned Tallinn City Theatre. She has adapted three of these seven plays herself and written two. "Dinner and Crime" in Gourmet theatre is her latest work and her third play. and all others, last Musical design


Set designer: Aigars Ozoliņš
One of the most acclaimed Latvian theatre and event scenographers. Aigars Ozoliņš has graduated from the Department of Interior, and later also the Department of Scenography at the Art Academy of Latvia. During studies worked as an artist for publishing companies “Nordik” and “Tapals”, after graduation became the main artist at the Dailes theatre, later the main artist at the Latvian National theatre. Has made scenographies for all theatres in Latvia and also abroad – in Estonia and Lithuania. Has made visual concepts for many grand public events, for example, “Riga 2014” concert “Born in Riga”, for several Latvian Song and Dance Festivals, the opening spectacle of “Arēna Rīga” and many more. Has taken part and won Latvian and international competitions for coin and medal designs.


Playwright: Nils Sakss
Writer and social critic Nils Sakss has published four books, of which the book “Nāve – tās nav beigas”, written together with Jurģis Liepnieks, received the biggest attention. Many publications in electronic and printed media are available. About him-self – “I write stories, social critique, scenarios and pamphlets.” In cooperation with Ralfs Eilands and others who share his views created a humorous broadcast about politics "Politika Sakss". Is active on the social platforms.


Musical design: soulful duo DjsUvisJDanevics
Musician, saxophonist and producer. In 2009 with Dj Uvis created a Soulful project DjsUvis &Jānis Danevics.
Music: soul, funk, ambient jazz and lounge-style music, which is complemented with electronic music effects.



December chef from Finland: Jouni Toivanen

In addition to Jouni Toivanens work in Luomo he is also a restaurateur and chef in Pure Bistro. Jouni has a varied and extensive experience in the hospitality field. When it comes to food the visual aspect is as important as the taste. You eat with your eyes.

Jounis cooking is inventive and he follows the trends by challenging traditional ways of cooking. He is constantly looking to add something new to the food. On the other hand however, he had a profound respect for traditions. Jouni founded Luomo with Mika Mattila in 2009, on 2010 they were awarded a Michelin star. Luomo is described as being Local & Global: local ingredients from small-scale producers, the exotic flavours of the world, wild nature blended with the best seasonal goods and ingenuity.

Menu is the mix of traditional tastes of the season in the modern way to see it.


October Chef: Martins Rītiņš: Mārtiņš Rītiņš

For more than 20 years Mr. Mārtiņš Rītiņš has been a star in the Latvian culinary sky. British-born Latvian, grew up in the industrial town of Corby, before moving to London to become a chef. Then he spent many years in Toronto, Canada, where he continued his love for organic food which was inbred from his mother’s love of the garden.

After returning to his roots in Latvia he has done the impossible. He has completely changed the soviet eras food industry to a highly acclaimed gourmet city. He has schooled the best students into the now top chefs.

He runs the most famous fine dining establishment - restaurant “Vincents” (www.restorans.lv). Since 1994, his restaurant has grown to become one of the premier gourmet establishments in Eastern Europe. „Vincents” has been voted as the best restaurant in Latvia 2013 and 2014 as well as one of the best restaurants in Northern Europe. Restaurant’s haute cuisine, unrivalled commitment to produce quality and service and chef Martins himself is well known among celebrities and politicians, royal families and presidents and most important among people who celebrate la dolce vita. Vincents is destination restaurant. And before visiting guests already know that they will experience highest quality in both terms of food and service.

For 120 years Chef Martins has worked very hard, gathering experiences, knowledge and novelties around the globe and brought back only the best. Our staff members have been working and practicing in best Michelin stared restaurants the world (NOMA, ALINEA etc.) and our sommelier has been nominated as 2 times best sommelier of Baltic and is winner of Trophée
Ruinart Europe. Chef Martins Ritins is founder and Convivium leader of Slow Food movement in Latvia since 2005. He not only purchases highest quality local, organic artisan produce from small scale farmers, but with his knowledge helps keeping the traditions of seasonal food and family meals alive. In his restaurant Vincents traditional produce transforms in modern, innovative and creative dishes adored by many gourmets all over the world.

His special brand of humour and knowledge has made him as fit for presentation and enjoyment by the public as his meals are at his restaurant. Martins together with his team have hosted all the State Dinners for all the 4 Presidents since our Independence in 1991. HRH Queen Elizabeth ll, President George Bush, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Emperor of Japan, Chairman of China to name just a few..


Buckwheat with beetroot and smoked goat cheese
(Glutein free and low lactose)
Absolut cocktail "Wood Liver"

"Last but not least Pork"

24h slow cooked pork neck, cranberries and hazelnuts
(Glutein free and lactose free)
Absolut cocktail "Ginger Rose"

”Bloody Panna cotta”

Tonka bean pudding with blood orange
(Glutein free and low lactose)
Absolut cocktail "shot of something"

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Ticket price includes:

  • 1. Entertainment program (2h)
  • 2. Live music
  • 3. Three - course dinner
  • 4. Aperitif
  • 5. Drink selected for each meal
  • 6. Dessert / coffee or tea

Additional information:
Seat arrangements: 8 seats at each table. For tickets purchased in one installment, seats are arranged at the same table. Extra drinks for purchasing will be available at the event.

There are also premium seats, which includes the best tables in the hall.

Upcoming available shows - details will follow!



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